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A Brixton boy born and bred, Stephen created OZONE Fitness London to show people how limitless they truly are. No matter what your background or circumstances, each of us are more, and can do more, than we think.

Training with Stephen means grit, determination and a willingness to push further.


By focusing on body weight over steel weight, and plant protein over animal protein, Stephen aims to change the way people think about their true potential for a better life.

Behind the OZONE brand are three key behaviours to enable that change.





And OZONE is the culmination of all of that. It's that surprise feeling you get when you thought you had nothing left. That sharp determination when you realise that you can. And that solid satisfaction when you see that you have.


Join a class, follow a programme or try a 1-1 session.


OZONE teaches functional fitness to remaster correct movement. Sedentary lives take away our ability to live with purpose. By moving right we understand how to awaken the inner athlete in all of us.

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