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In order to gain any sort of success, whether it be in fitness or in life, you have to be aware of yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m talking about your habits.

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. It can be brushing your teeth in a particular direction, a face that tells your colleagues that you’re stressed or a route you take to work every day. The powerful thing about habits is that the longer we have them the harder they are to break.

Habits can be small and go on unnoticed. But many small habits can demand great control of our days and our bodies. One of the most important steps when it comes to taking control of your daily habits is first to become aware of them.

What are your habits?

In this context we are talking about movement, eating and thinking for a healthy life.

Think about what habits you have...

// MOVING - do you do the same thing at the gym all the time?

// EATING - do you reach for a sugary snack at 3pm every day?

// THINKING - do you second guess yourself before acting and then kick yourself after?

You have the power to change

One thing we all have as human beings is free will. The ability to choose what we do, what we eat and where we go.

But to truly take control of your habits you first must decide what you really want. Life does not accidently happen, it's a the consequence of continual action. To not understand the implications of your habits, means you do not comprehend the weight of your actions. To take control, we must take aim. Know what you want and plan backwards.

TIP - write out your end goals on a piece of paper and work backwards to today. You’ll have in front of you, a step by step guide to changing your habits, to get what you want.

To conclude our lives, our goals and our success are built on the little things. These little things are the foundation to our character and therefore first being aware, taking aim and taking action can we regain control.

We are what we continually do. So lets make these actions work for us rather than against us...

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